May you ... be YogaWell

Guided Yoga Therapeutics

Our intention is to offer individual and group yoga opportunities that inform and nurture alignment, self awareness, connection, and transformation. Offerings include individual yoga therapy, therapeutic classes and workshops.

Our focus is specifically supportive for healthy aging with yoga.

Therapeutic Yoga Classes

Classes designed with a therapeutic focus to promote awareness, functional breathing & mind-body integration.

Individual Therapeutic Yoga

Personalized Yoga Therapy designed for Your specific situation, conditions, and goals.

“Yogic philosophy teaches that the body, mind, and spirit are all interconnected — what you do in one area, for example, a physical exercise to strengthen your leg muscles, will have an effect in all of the other areas of your system” Laurie H Robertson, editor in chief of Yoga Therapy Today, a journal published by The International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Client Experiences

Happy Sacrum pose

Restorative and low back

Essential Low Back Program

Certified Instructor

Legs Up the Wall

Restorative Integration