Yoga Therapy Rates & Packages 

New Client Packages  

       Packages good for 6 mos from start & 9 mos from purchase - All purchases final. 

Follow Up Packages - Session = 60-75 min hr -  requires prior full consultation 

   1 session - $80      2 Pak - $150     4 Pak -$ 295     

YogaWell Scholarship Program - limited $50 vouchers are available with new client packages by request 

T0 purchase online:

     *Processing fees included

On insurance and pricing:

Yoga therapy is not currently covered by insurance companies in the United States, although some VA services may cover. You may be able to use FSA or HSA.

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One Subsequent Session 

New Client 4 Session/5 hr Pkg 

2 Session Follow UpPkg

New Client 6 Session/ 7hr Pkg 

4 Session Follow Up Pkg